The puppetmaster and his dancing marionette

mannequin, marionette picture, doll

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The puppetmaster and his dancing marionette
« The puppetmaster and his dancing marionette » -  mannequin, marionette picture, doll

This 1,5 x 2,30m sized picture, was drawn with acrylic colors on an sunblind made out of aluminium in the Year 2000 in the small town Homberg in Germany.

This image shows a puppet who is tied up with a white rope in typical mannequin-scene technique. The cord is knotted around her axles, elbows, knees and thighs. She hangs upstanding and relaxed, while her head is seductivly inclined into the neck.

This marionette picture was painted in shades of grey, instead of the mouth, the ballerina shoe of the doll which appear in hot red. The background layer consists of a black and dark-gray pattern.

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